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Our Processing and Packaging Services

Our concept ‘from the freezer to the fire’, is seamless and easy, as we process various frozen meat cuts - sliced, diced, minced and individually sealed packed. Whether it is standard cuts or special customized meat cuts, our processes will ensure you get the best service standards & quality products - even adding an extra touch of marinating to the meats if you require it.

We understand the importance of handling frozen meat products and maintain high standards of frozen-meat processing to ensure product consistency, service quality and delivering value.

Our Customers

We cater to wholesalers and further manufacturers, ship suppliers, supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food chains, hospitals, hotels, airline caterers, schools, wet markets, retail consumers, and more.

Our Brands

Hego – The Value Choice
Hego provides consumers a range of pre-packaged fresh frozen meats of good value and quality.

Churo – The Professional’s Choice
Churo provides consumers with a greater variety of choiced fresh frozen meats. We have more meat cuts; boned or no boned; and premier cuts: One-Inch cuts or Two-Inch cuts. Packaged for convenience, Churo is the preferred choice of specialised fresh frozen products meeting the taste and quality needs of gourmets.


Customized Services