Hen Tick

About Hen Tick

The innovative fresh frozen
food company delivering
value, convenience and variety.

Hen Tick Foods is the fresh frozen food company committed to convenience, value and variety.

Established over 40 years ago, from a shop house in Liang Seah Street, Hen Tick Foods is now located in Jurong with a purpose built facility equipped with cold storage warehousing, frozen food processing and packaging, and a new showroom with a test kitchen. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks delivers island-wide six days a week.

We are an importer/exporter/wholesaler and distributor of frozen food products. Our suppliers are strategically located from the northern to southern hemispheres to take advantage of the seasons to bring the freshest frozen products to all.

Hen Tick Foods’ continuing value to our customers is Fresh Frozen Goodness.


Our Commitment

We are a HACCP certified and AVA approved company, maintaining high standards so customers can rely on us to for their frozen food needs.

Our product range consists of frozen poultry, beef, pork, lamb, venison, seafood, duck, vegetables and a variety of specialty items.

Most importantly, from farm to your premises, our refrigerated trucks ensure all deliveries reach customers with the original fresh, frozen goodness intact.


Hen Tick Purpose-built factory